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Custom Miters

Why should you choose custom-cut miters?


We take pride in our work and in the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we use the highest quality materials and customize everything we possibly can to make your home look pristine.  Using the least amount of pieces will ensure the lowest risk of issues with your gutters and your home in the future.  Custom miters are a necessary addition to our installation process in our drive for top-notch quality.  Custom miters remove the need for irksome "box miters" and "strip miters", giving you a leak-free miter that is custom made to fit your home.  If a company does not offer custom-cut miters, you are not being sold seamless gutters.  Miters that are not custom-made on site are pre-fabricated pieces of gutter added on to your seamless gutter runs that are used to connect the edges.  These pieces may be purchased at any hardware store and oftentimes do not fit with the runs coming out of the gutter trucks leading to leakage and a host of other problems.  The typical box miter is made out of low-grade aluminum that can be easily bent.  We use only the highest quality materials on the market.  The more seams and joints you have attaching your gutters together, the higher the chance of leakage as well as other costly complications brought about by leaks.  Custom-cut miters are made so that the corners fit together like a glove, instead of using a box to connect the corners of your gutters creating non-seamless gutters as shown below.


All of our work is customized to fit your home, from the colors and materials that you choose to the cutting and molding of custom miters and seamless downspouts that will eliminate your worries about leakage, you won’t have to worry about us taking any shortcuts.  Due to the fact that strip and box miters are never a perfect fit to the other gutters being installed, wood rot, mold, mildew and major leakage are all very common problems seen in these types of unprofessional installations.  By making sure your gutters are truly seamless, you will be saving yourself the time and money it will cost for damage control in the future.

Competitor's Work - Don't let this happen to you!
Side by Side Comparison
Our Customized Miters Competitors Miter Box
Our Customized Miters Competitors Strip Miters
Our Customized Miters Box Miters Leaking & Corroded at the Seams
Our Customized Miters Box Miters Leaking & Corroded at the Seams
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